01.Full set on form (acrylic/gel)£40
02.Full set on natural nails (acrylic/gel)£30
03.Manicure natural£12
04.Infill (acrylic/gel)£30
06.Nail reconstruction (acrylic/gel) - 1 nail£4
07.Take off acrylic/gel/shellac£10
08.Japanese manicure£20

09.Nail Art Diamonds - 1 nail£1
10.Hand paintend patterns£5-10
11.Mermaid effect and others - 1 nail£0.50


12.Paraffin on hands£5
13.Paraffin + shellac£30
14.Paraffin on feet£5


15.Full pedicure + Shellac£40
16.Shellac on feet£25


01.Basic podiatry pedicure£40
02.Basic podiatry pedicure + shellac£50
03.Diabetic podiatry£45
04.Podiatry pedicure of feet with corns£60
05.Shortened nail plate overgrown to thickness + polishing£20
06.Cleansing the affected nail£20
07.Removal of existing reconstruction + new reconstruction£30
08.Undercutting of 1 ingrown nail with dressing - first visit£20
09.Removal of 1 warts by electrocoagulation£30
10.Fitting of an orhonyxia wire clamp Fraser £50
11.Unibrace clamp£50
12.Tamponada - 1 nail£5
13.Treatment and removal of blisters, per blister£20
14.Removal of the callus (1 band) + strain relief£20
15.Removal of subungual hematoma (1 nail plate)£20
16.Removal of warts using cryotherapy£25
17.Therapeutic treatment of cracked heels (dressing with ointment)£30
18.Individual orthoses (depending on the material used)£20